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Metronidazole 500mg For Dogs Ear Infection Caused by Bacteria

Many people ask a general question from me "Can we give metronidazole for a dog's ear infection?". So, today I decided to explain the uses of FLAGYL for a dog's ear infection (caused by bacteria).
In the following article, I would explain how metronidazole (brand name: Flagyl, Trademark of Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceuticals) antibiotic helps to treat a dog ear infection. It works by inhibiting the growth of the bacteria in the infectious area and cure it more fastly.

Flagyl for Dogs Ear Infection

Metronidazole For Dogs Ear Infection Treatment

Metronidazole, an over the counter antibiotic drug is available in the form of enteric-coated tablets, liquid as suspension form, Intra-Venous drip form (as a single dose therapy) and the Gel form which is more suitable for skin infections (caused by bacteria).

It is not vulnerable to viral skin infections or other yeast infections of the body. Flagyl is available in tablet (400 milligram/tab) and liquid (200 miligrams/5ml suspension) form. Liquid form or suspension 200mg/5ml is more suitable for treating your dog ear infection (caused by bacteria).

Metronidazole 500 mg Dosage for Dogs Ear Infection

As I said before, this medication, no matter is it tablet/suspension or gel can only treat a bacterial infection, by stopping the multiplication of bacterium (single; bacteria). It could never be beneficial in infections caused by viruses or yeast.

A veterinary doctor may suggest Metronidazole Dose for your dog ear infection by seeing the severity and condition. A doctor may also suggest Intravenous Metronidazole dose for the first time and then suspension for follow up (5-10 days).

In general, 15mg/kg I.V. dose is most compatible with treating dogs ear infection. and 7.5mg/kg oral dose for five to ten days (as follow up medication).
 High-level dosage for animals is not beneficial because it may be cancerous and can cause tumors in their body. Always prefer to follow a Doctor's complete guidelines before using metronidazole medication for your dog.

Side Effects

Immediately stop using this medication if you're seeing the following side effects after using this medicine in your dog;
  • If your dog facing problems like pain during Urination 
  • this medication may cause diarrhea in some cases 
  • If your pet behavior changes 
  • Weakness may also occur by using this medicine 
  • Swollen tongue 
  • Rashes on skin


You must avoid metronidazole medication for your dog ear infection if your pet has the following problems;
  • A history of any kind of liver damage 
  • present intestinal or stomach disease 
  • fungal or yeast infection anywhere in your dog body (like vaginal yeast infection etc) 
  • anemia or other blood cells disorders 
  • a history of nervous system disorder 
So, Is there anyone who is confused by the question "CAN I USE METRONIDAZOLE FOR MY DOG EAR INFECTION" may comment on this post. Above, I tried to provide sufficient information about this antibiotic drug usage, side effects, contra-indications and the duration of using this medicine. Overdosage may be harmful and can cause other serious problems to your puppy's health. Always listen to your veterinary doctor guidelines to avoid any further problems.

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