Hands skin care Tips in Urdu.

Hands Skin Care  is a very important and essential to look graceful. Hands are very active part of our body. We use hands in doing several kind of works in our daily life. More over they are  exposed part of our body and that’s why there is a lot of risk of damaging  hand beauty. Usually we don’t pay as much attention on hands’ care as we pay on our  FACE BEAUTY. The reason behind it is, our hands perform proper work in the entire life. Hands are those parts of your body that are seen to every one.

Hand Skin Care is as important as face or other body parts care. There are plenty of ways to make your hand  SKIN WHITE  and gorgeous. But it is utmost important to care your hands skin by your own homemade tips. Here are some hands skin care tips to make your hands beautiful.

Hand Skin Care Tip # 1

Moisturize your hands at least four times a day. Use some  GOOD SKIN MOISTURIZER   so that your hands skin become soft and good looking.

Hand Skin Care Tip # 2

Remove dead skin from your hands by using sea salt and lemon juice mixed in water and make solution. Use old tooth brush for applying this solution on your hands. Use this hands skin care tip two times in a week. Your hand skin will become soft, fair and attractive.

Hand Skin Care Tip # 3

For keeping your hand skin soft,fresh and fair dip your hands in light warm milk for five minutes. Lactic acid that is present in milk will remove dead skin of your hands and your hands will become gorgeous.



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