Freckles Tips & Treatment

Freckles-Tips-&-TreatmentFreckles are reddish brown spots on the skin of the body. They are mostly appear on the face. They are clearly visible on fair skin. It is an inherited skin disorder which spreads from the affected parents to the offspring. There are pigment producing cells in our skin called melanocytes. These skin cells produce melanin pigments and feed it to keratinocytes which are normal skin cells that make barrier of skin from the outer environment. This barrier protects our skin from the outer harmful effects.

These pigments prevent us from powerful rays of sun which causes freckles. when our melanocytes are demaged due to high sun rays,  our skin produce freckles.
Freckles can be treated by skin experts or  DERMATOLOGIST. Freckles treatment and tips can be used to remove freckles from the body and face. Many Skin experts advise freckles tips as freckles treatment. Some freckles treatment and tips are here to use.

Freckles Tips & Treatment # 1

Lemon juice is one of widely tested tip and treatment for freckles. Take some lemon juice and apply it on the face or affected body parts with the help of fingers. Use this tip regularly, freckles will be removed.

Freckles Tips & Treatment # 2

Use sour cream mask on the affected part of face and rub lightly. Leave it for some time then clean the face with tissue. Use some  GOOD SKIN MOISTURIZER  after that. This will reduce the freckles.

Freckles Tips & Treatment # 3

Wash your face with sour milk. Use this tip and treatment for freckles. It is very useful.

Freckles Tips & Treatment # 4

Papaya juice is very useful for freckles treatment. Take some papaya juice and apply it on your face. Use this regularly to remove freckles from your face and body.

Freckles Tips & Treatment # 5

Take one slice of onion and rub slightly on the skin or face.  Use this treatment or tip regularly. Freckles will remove or reduce.


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    mary hathon ki skin sardion ki wja se bht khrab ho gye ha.ajeeb se nishan pr gy plz mjy es k ly koi tip btayn.

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