Foot Care Tips in Urdu

Foot care is as important as the care of face. The skin of your feet should be fresh shining and attractive. It is the part of the body which is exposed to everyone. It can affect your personality if it is not looked after properly. There are lot of ways to make your feet beautiful. Some desi time tested remedies are really helpful in this regard. These remedies are affordable, easy to use and result oriented. If you haven’t tried these types of foot care remedies yet, you should go for using these remedies. You will really get perfect results.

foot care tips in UrduFoot Care Tip # 1

Take a small water pot and fill it half with water and half with lemon juice. Take a small towel and it in the solution and apply it on your foot. This foot care remedy is useful for making your feet soft, beautiful and having no bad smell. Solution once made can be used in a week. There is no need to refrigerate the solution.

Foot Care Tip # 2

foot care tips in UrduTake eight unit strawberries, one spoon olive oil, one spoon table salt and half spoon grinded almond powder. Mix all the ingredients together and make paste. Don’t blend excessively because it will loose the paste due to strawberries having more water in them. Massage this paste on your feet and then wash them. This foot care remedy will be helpful in removing dead skin from your feet and your feet will become beautiful.

Foot Care Tip # 3

foot care tips in Urdu

Take one spoon olive oil, One spoon almond oil, one spoon wheat germ oil and twelve drops of any good quality fregnant oil.  Take one bottle and mix all the ingredients and shake it well. Wash your feet ,dry them and apply this solution on your feet. It will soften your feet and heels. after use keep the solution in the fridge for next use.  It’s a very good remedy for making feet beautiful.


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