Female Periods

Females bleed as soon as they step in puberty. Those girls who start bleeding on monthly basis through their vagina’s are considered as mature or a complete women.  This is a natural phenomena and this shows an indicator for a girl to be a woman. It is called menses or Periods. Different women bleed in different ages, however it usually occurs from the age of nine to late teen ages. Similarly menstrual cycles are different in different females. A menstrual cycle is a period from the first day of bleeding to the previous day of the next bleeding. This period is usually from 27 to 35 days long.

Female Periods A female bleeds usually every month. This is a healthy sign for a female to have periods in every month. Some youngsters are depressed during their periods because they feel uncomfortable. They need not to worry about and they should consult some one senior who is already experiencing this process. she will tell you all about.
When menstrual cycles start in females a lot of physical changes occur in them. Their body shape and size changes rapidly. Hormones release in their bodies which make certain changes. These hormones release from pituitary gland in the brain. These hormones are responsible for menses in females. In the beginning most of the women suffer in depression due to menstrual cycle because they can’t manage it properly.
Female Periods This is the part of healthy life and ever healthy woman has to experience the menstrual cycle. But it is very important to have enough knowledge about it. they must know how manage the life in these particular days so that daily life must not disturb. They must consult some experienced woman who is already facing it. Be in mind it is not an immoral discussion but you must be careful about your surroundings. This particular duration lasts for 3 to 7 days and it occurs almost every month. A menstrual cycle is the duration from the first day of menses to the previous day of the start of next menses. This duration may be 28 days to 35 days long. Menses stops in  Pregnancy.



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