Face Beauty Tips in Urdu.

Face-Beauty-Tips-in-Urdu.Face beauty is a major concern for both women & men. Specially women are very conscious about their face beauty and they always keep close eye on how to look beautiful.  Obviously no body would like to look bad. For looking good women & men spend a lot of money. They wear good clothes, go to saloon, try to eat healthy food and use beauty products. There are a lot of  beauty tips, beauty products and saloons you can visit in order to enhance your beauty but there is no guarantee for their excellent results.
There are lot of chances to loose a huge amount in this regards. But the question is how can we reduce this risk without leaving and fulfilling the  desire of being beautiful. Yes we can continue it by using our own face beauty tips that are time tested, affording and guaranteed results orienting.

Face Beauty Tip # 1

For removing pimples from your face, cut a lemon into two pieces and take one piece of  it and massage your face with it for about fifteen minutes. After that mix half spoon table salt in fresh water and wash your face. While washing face keep eyes close. Use this tip twice a day. It is very useful face beauty tip to remove pimples from your face.

Face Beauty Tip # 2

For removing hairs from your face, mix table salt in water and dip cotton cloth in it and rub gently on your face. Use this tip for over a week. You will get excellent results.

Face Beauty Tip # 3

For removing yellowish shad from your face use stem of carrots or water of carrots on your face. Really excellent results will come out. very affordable and useful tip for face beauty. Also take fresh carrots juice with a glass of milk will remove yellowish shade from your face. Fresh Orange juice is also effective in removing yellowish shade from your face. These are excellent face beauty tips.

Face Beauty Tip # 4

For removing pores from your face use multani mud and mix rose water in it and lap it on your face. Leave it for fifteen minutes on your face then wash your face with fresh water. It is a very useful face beauty tip for removing pores from your face.



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